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10-150 Silicone Rubber Adhesive, Clear 10-302 Radio & TV Service Cement 10-312 Radio and TV Service Solvent
10-150 Silicone Rubber Adhesive, Clear10-302 Radio & TV Service Cement10-312 Radio and TV Service Solvent

GC Electronics 10-150 is a high strength clear silicone rubber. It weatherproofs, waterproofs, seals, bonds and stays flexible.


  • For gluing porous or semiporous materials together or to nonporous materials
  • Vibration resistant
  • Great for repairing speaker cones
  • Quick drying, waterproofand clear
  • 2 fl. oz. bottle with brush
  • For dissolving cement commonly used inradio and TV equipment
  • Fast-acting
  • Mayalso be used as a thinner for all lacquer typecements
  • 2 fl. oz. bottle




10-4102 Polystyrene Q Dope Thinner 22-203 print Kote Confromal Coating 22-209 Print Kote Solvent
10-4102 Polystyrene Q Dope Thinner22-203 print Kote Confromal Coating22-209 Print Kote Solvent

Used to thin polystyrene based coil dopes and cements •Can also be used for cementing polystyrene materials •2 fl. oz. bottle

PCB PRINT KOTE CONFORMAL COATING - 2 OZ - The ultimate coating for PC boards. Provides a protective shield to resist enviornmental contaminants.

Removes silicone and other types of protective coatings from PC boards. Required when protective coating interferes with the desoldering and soldering operation. 2 oz. bottle, six bottles per case




GC Chemicals - Rubber to Metal Adhesive 10-4202 Liquid solder Flux 10-8880 High Voltage Putty
GC Chemicals - Rubber to Metal Adhesive10-4202 Liquid solder Flux10-8880 High Voltage Putty

Bonds synthetic rubber, metal, wood, and plastic. Dries quickly and produces a lasting bond. Ozone friendly.

Great for repairing speakers

2 oz Bottle

10-4202 Liquid solder Flux 2oz 


Silicone Rubber isolating Putty

1.1/4 oz

Will not harden